Baby Lace-Up Oxfords. Quality and cheap shoes for babies
Lace-Up Oxfords


An updated design you can't miss out. The classic English shoe or lace-up Oxfords of our childhood, now available in a modern style, plus new colours and finishes.   Made in Spain of high quality leather, these shoes are as delicate as your baby's skin. Timeless babies shoes suitable for winter or mid-seasons by choosing between leather or suede finish.

Leather Lace-Up Baby Oxfords  Beige

(2 colours)

Size 16 / UK 0.5 Child
Size 19 / UK 3 Child
Leather Lace-Up Baby Oxfords


Suede Bluchers for Baby Navy Blue

(0 colours)


Suede Lace-Up Baby Oxfords  Deep Blue

(3 colours)

Size 16 / UK 0.5 Child
Size 19 / UK 3 Child
Suede Lace-Up Baby Oxfords


Lace-Up Oxford Booties Grey

(4 colours)

Size 16 / UK 0.5 Child
Size 18 / UK 2 Child
Lace-Up Oxford Booties


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