Belts and Braces. Cheap shoes and accessories for kids
Belts and braces


Wardrobe essentials both for boys and girls and as always, with the quality of Pisamonas and at best prices. The look great on girls as well when you want to give them a slight "masculine" touch. Buy them for them, they will find them fun and original.

Boy's Elastic Braided Belt Navy Blue

(4 colours)

Large (L)
Small (S)
Boy's Elastic Braided Belt


Boys Linen bow tie Taupe

(0 colours)


Braces for Boys Red
One Size
One Size
Braces for Boys


Boy's Plain Elastic Belt Navy Blue

(5 colours)

One Size
One Size
Boy's Plain Elastic Belt


Multicolor Children´s plaited belt Burgundy/Red

(1 Colour)

Medium (M)
Medium (M)
Multicolor Children´s plaited belt


Boy's dress suit trousers Leather Belt Blue

(2 colours)

Boy's Two-Tone Elastic Belt Pink

(0 colours)

Boys' Scottish-patterned bow tie Off-White

(3 colours)


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