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All you need to keep your shoes clean and in good condition. Your shoes and your children’s shoes will always look new!

If you want to get rid of the bad smell in your shoes, there’s nothing better than our deodorising spray for shoes and trainers. It will keep them fresh and it’s easy to use.

To clean difficult materials such as suede, velvet and Nubuck we suggest you use a shoe cleaner or one of our cleaning sponges and to protect all your shoes, there’s nothing better than the waterproof spray for shoes.

Waterproof Spray for Shoes Neutral

(1 Colour)

One Size
One Size
Waterproof Spray for Shoes


Sponge to clean suede, Nubuck and fabric shoes Neutral

(1 Colour)

Shine Cleaning Sponge for Shoes Neutral

(2 colours)


Deodorising Spray for Shoes and Trainers Neutral

(1 Colour)


Shoe cleaner for suede shoes and boots Neutral

(1 Colour)


Cleaner for Nubuck and Suede Shoes Neutral

(1 Colour)


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